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“What is love?” I asked myselfMy heart whispered “you will know it when it comes, you will feel it and when you fall in love, all the senses of yours will not come.”

My friends, too keen on finding a plus one for me, suggested online dating to me. I thought to try it, because I have seen many of my friends finding love online. And finally, Love is love whether it happens in traditional way or online way.

I sought out my options but at last I was not able to find a desired partner. Call me old fashioned or whatever but I love the traditional meet and greet way, the long eye contact, deep conversations, blushes and glances full of longing. As they say whatever floats your boat, it is an individual’s call whether they decide to date with online dating app or go the long way.

It does not matter if it is a match made online or a match made via traditional way- does it? At the end of the day, true connection matters.

Acknowledge yourself to dating apps

Connecting with a person for a romantic or sexual relationship on an online platform -via a dating website. Online dating sites are not limited to finding a soulmate. Online dating app varies from meeting for hook-ups to coming in a committed relationship. Such dating sites are tinder, hatched, aisle etc. Online dating is basically the same as normal dating-the conversations, meet ups but via an online platform in a cellular device or electronic device.

dating app

Characteristics Of Online Dating

  • Online dating provides access to many ‘potential partners’ than accessible in real life. It is extremely helpful for people who have different orientation, wants a partner with particular lifestyle.But, too many options can also lead to confusion and our concentration is deviated from finding a real relationship.
  • Online dating is a boon for introvert people. The people who are extremely shy and reluctant to do the meet and greets can connect through a person by texting, video conferencing via online dating.
  • These dating sites offer matching of partners based on their likes and dislikes which helps two people to narrow down their searches. But this matching is not always accurate.
  • Online dating offers more options for communication.
  • Online dating enables two people with compatibility who are across the world to communicate and develop their relationship.
  • Online dating is a very good platform for the people of lgbt community to communicate with others of their community who are scared to come out of the closet.
  • There is the trust factor in this. Not everyone’s profile is authentic. Some people are conman who create a fake profile to lure people for their benefits.
  • People looking for a casual hook-up can find like minded people who are not interested in an exclusive relationship.

Love is not just meeting and greets. It is not just deep conversations. It is a protective glance, it is desire for a particular someone. At last, when you will click the dating app, you will click no matter what the platform is.

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